No Room to Plant? How About a Compact Garden

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells…”

There can be several reasons to have compact garden:

  • Lack of physical space available
  • Issues that prevent you from bending over to plant and maintain your crops
  • More efficient and practical method to maintain garden crops

Physical Space:

Many urbanites who want to start their own garden have a challenge in the amount of space they have available. This article will focus on a concept known as a “Compact Garden“, the idea of stacking your garden vertically instead of the traditional methods.

Buckets or containers are the fundamental components for developing your garden strategy. Having plants growing in a vertically stacked manner helps to conserve space and take advantage of the amount of space you may have available.


This method allows you to add tomatoes, peppers, herbs and even potatoes to your garden. Your design may need to be planned accordingly depending on the amount of space you want to allocate to garden as well as the type of containers you have available or decide to Purchase.

The compact garden stack should be designed to take advantage of the specific space and materials you have available. For instance, 5 gallon Buckets are very durable planters that can contain your crops. They can hang on hooks or be staggered in a pyramid type of structure with different plants contained in each container.

Physical Pain:

Some people who want to create a food garden may have physical issues bending or digging to plant or maintain their crops. Because a compact garden can be built vertically, the necessary bending and digging can become less of an issue. Of course, initial setup and lifting of containers can be just as strenuous, but if you have assistance for the initial setup, maintaining the garden should be less of an issue in the long run.

More Efficient:

The surface area of a Compact garden is much less than one that spreads over a larger 2 dimensional space. Therefore, the amount of effort to work with your crops is minimized by not having to work a larger area, turning soil, watering or weed control. This in turn, provides a less time consuming effort when weeding, watering or harvesting your crops.

In summary, a Compact Garden has a few advantages over the traditional variety of farming in your backyard garden and can be designed accordingly depending on the space limitations of a small backyard or patio. Most people of incorporate a compact garden in their yard, can add a creative slant to their gardening which also adds to the fun.

Source by Robert Owens

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