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YAPC::NA Pittsburgh: Day 3

Posted in geek out by Marcus Del Greco on June 24th, 2009

Notes from Yet Another Perl Conference:: North America, in Pittsburgh. These conference posts are being mirrored from Software @ UNH in case that site ever goes away.

3:03 pm: Lightning talks have concluded. Some closing words at this point from various folks and organizers, and feedback from attendees. It seems the 8am sessions were poorly attended, so next year they’ll likely start at 9am. Good call.

Well, it’s mostly a wrap. Thanks for reading.

2:35 pm: Matt Trout is pushing Perl evangelism via blogging about it. Rousing lighting talk. Consider it done, Matt.

2:29 pm: Todd Olson is talking about the value of sunshine and supplementing with vitamin D3 if you live in the northern hemisphere. He’s addressed his own deficiencies in this way. Nothing to do with Perl but I have the urge to get out of this dark auditorium and into the sun.

2:18 pm: a slide of Joe Camel, cigarette hanging from the side of his mouth, with the word “Perl” underneath. Next slide: “Hook ‘em while they’re young.” Hilarious. This guy is evangelizing Perl over verbose languages like Java, especially in regards to introducing young people to programming.

2:11 pm: now a plea from one of the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) guys to submit documentation and other patches, which he will handle and protect the pumpkings from. Obviously there’s some stovepiping in the community but it doesn’t seem all that bad.

1:58 pm: there’s a guy talking about programming a serial device over telnet, to which he has attached an LED which is now blinking whatever he chooses to type in Morse code. Cute. I’d love to do hardware stuff.

1:30 pm: Yes, the lighting talks are going way too fast for me to cover. There was just an interesting one about Perl support in vim. It’s funny when the 1-minute bell rings and the speakers start to stutter through the last 60 seconds.

12:51pm: The afternoon will close out the conference with lightning talks. This would translate into lightning typing if I didn’t feel groggy from lunch. Results may vary.

11:25 am: Actually the Enlightened Perl thing appears to be more about pure evangelism for Perl in the business community.

11:09 am: now for a talk about Enlightened Perl, a new organization concerned once again, I assume, with promoting Perl best practices.

10:46 am: now a sort of fluffy talk on how the speaker uses Perl to manage a large newsletter. This is the sort of talk that makes me think that I should maybe give a talk.

10:37 am: ok, covered the most basic saving and retrieving data from an object stuff. I suppose I could do this by hand or maybe I should look into DBIx::Class after all. I’m just not *needing* objects that badly in systems of the size I write. Does anyone want to convince me otherwise?

10:32 am: Leonard is somehow avoiding talking about OO thus far.

10:22 am: now a session on OO Perl with Leonard Miller, one of the Frozen Perl people.

10:11 am: Duh. What I was missing was that the monitoring service is for their own application servers which you are presumably already using to host your stuff. Cloud. Right. I’m back.

10:02 am: Robin Darby is from Amazon and showing us CloudWatch which seems to be a system performance monitoring service. There are Perl modules you can use to pull the data. Seems like a lot of work when there are things like Nagios. I might be missing something.

9:54 am: waiting patiently for the session called “Perl: Cloud Glue?”.

9:37 am: I am in a session on YAML. It’s a data-centric markup language, that doesn’t really have markup. It’s sort of the Python of markup languages.

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